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Why are you begging for test codes for Tanki Online on this Tanki X site?  Not going to happen.

Not to mention the flag shows when running it in CTF.  LOL!!!

It's there, it's just "invisible".  

Yeah, don't tell anyone else, but the secret is winning.

Same problem here.  it just blurs and stays in the Garage.  I tried it with all of my 3 accounts with no luck.

I don't "purchase", but it's still annoying none the less.

I'm aware it's not a bug, I was just trying to explain how it works to this person, although with their rank, they have been around long enough that they  should know how it works without having to have it explained to them.

Welcome, new player.  

That is the way that "they" have chosen to set the game up now.  You aren't able to see who you are fighting against until you are actually in the battle, then press and hold the Tab key.

PS: "They don't want you to use all Caps.  Rules, rules, rules, you know.  LOL!!

Yeah, that attitude is going to get you help, and by the way, I'm not offering help and I don't care!!!!

Oh, by the way, @Firephantom 456, you're welcome, don't mention it!!!

Welcome, new person. 

No, it's not an error and you're not being stupid.  That is the wording in Tanki X when you or one of your team mates steal the flag from the enemy base, and when it is successfully moved to your base it says "________ has delivered the flag".  You will also see "_______ has picked up the flag" if you or whoever is carrying the flag gets killed and someone on your team gets it before the enemy team returns it to their base.

If the flag carrier for the enemy team who has stolen your flag gets killed and you or one of your team mates runs over the flag before anther enemy player picks it up again, it will say "________ has returned your flag".

It's always good when your name is in the "________".  LOL!!

Hopefully this helps clear things up instead of making it "clear as mud".