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Please close the topic, SHOAIB as it has been two years, thus making the video unacceptable for ban.

Maybe it's lag or whenever there is a a spike of your ping, while playing of course.

It looks like Tanki Online sort of, I've experienced this before in-game, it usually happens when your display resolution is smaller than your game resolution, if on full screen.

Maybe, it is a translation flaw, thus creating a problem. Until then, I would expect them to finish up the jobs they're currently at.

It's always a hassle when mac users can't get on. I'm glad to know they're fixing these problems more often.

Yea, there's also a problem with the battles too.

Bug was fixed today, ru forum says Также наличие «Температурного блока не спасает от догорания после атаки «Огнемёта».

Исправлена ошибка, вследствие которой при наличии «Температурного блока» «Вулкан» вовсе не перегревался и стрелял, грубо говоря, вечно. Так тоже быть не должно.

you should really not post that here...