TUTORIAL / Step By Step Reporting !

Hi everyone!

Unfortunately for now there is no /vote command line supported or command line console like other standalone games. The only thing we can do is report everything on this help site.

Record a video in good quality and post all additionally required information for the CM and Developers. (this will take so much time!)

Here is how you can do it:

I) Capturing/recording software

Example: I am using Nvidia Embedded Tool On GeForce Expirience called ShadowPlay, you can use a different software for it, like Fraps.

2) Publish your recorded video on Vimeo or Youtube

To do that, you need to have an active account on one of these platforms.

How to share a Vimeo video:

a - Locate the share button

b - From the popup window select and copy the entire code from the Embed section:

3) Share it on TX Help site

Create a new topic or reply to an already existing one with the same issue and add your video with the inline tool

Created by: Xanax123