Known Issues

Dear beta testers!

Below, you will find lists of issues that were already reported and our developers are working on them.

! The game does run on Windows XP, but you need to have the Service Pack 3 installed.

!! What if the game does not launch:

1. Please check if your computer complies with the minimum system requirements. Most of the time, the system will not launch the game if you have an old video adapter or not enough RAM.

!Make sure you extract the game from the archive, before launching it.

2. In addition you can try:

  • Re-download the client (;
  • Clear the Unity cache (delete all the files in the following folder: C:\Users\User\AppData\LocalLow\Unity\WebPlayer\Cache);
  • Cancel the game file checking done by your antivirus (give permission);
  • Try launching the game in a different mode (windowed / fullscreen);
  • Try launching the game "as Administrator";
  • Update the drivers and the DirectX up to the last version;
  • Clear your computer with CCleaner and close all the unnecessary and consuming processes.

3. Wait for about half an hour - it is possible that we are conducting a last call maintenance.

4. Check the Help site for similar topics.

5. If you find yourself unable to fix the issues, please send us the game logs. See instructions here.