Season 0-1 Miscalculated ranked points (Master league)

Savage_Sniper 2 years ago 0

If this statement was true then even though I barely made it to Master league (2612) then why am I deep into silver league? After the server restart I was at 1571 (Approx),  but then I read this to find out I could have already been in Gold league...

Any explanations for this?

Have I not met the requirements?

I was in Master league the day that season 0 ended and I was as high was around 2760 before having it dropped again and decided not to play on the last day fearing I would be dropped back to gold. I had still finished at master league so why aren't even close to 2000? I mean not 1800 or 1900 but almost 500 points less than promised.I know I was 38th in Master league placement but still accumulated over 2600...