HACKING Epidemic

kanishk_the_dark 3 years ago • updated by davidthegreat 3 years ago 16

Hello guys . I saw many videos of hacking in TankiX . Thanks for reporting .

This topic is made by me to let hackers tell their cheat. Anways lets get straight to the topic.The purpose of creating this topic is to find out how many hackers are really hacking the game . Post any hacking videos or any hacking tips . This would help us to find bugs in the client and eliminate . Lets head to a new Dawn . Time for a change . Let the developers know about the hack . GO ->


I saw speed-hacking from player LuCiFeR. He just rushed very, very fast through the map.

Otherwise Noob_2016 was spamming a lot in chat yesterday and today. Really annoying. Im not good in taking videos. Is there any possibility to save a replay like in e.g. War Thunder?

i made some video. how can i upload those files here?

You gotta upload the videos to Youtube and then post the link here. :)

use insert video button ???

U have to post it first on internett. Vimeo or YT

Here is one hack example of player: XPIOKBA.

There are many more of this type out there.


BUUURN was LuCiFeR hacking in Rio map? cuz i saw him hack too

im playing since 3 days and has seen him many times in many maps

Here is LuCiFeR


This guy was spamming all the time.

Yes, I've seen both LuCiFeR and XPIOKBA do speed-hacking several times.

is it right, that hackers wont be banned?

I saw hackers which are invisible with unlimited isida range and they never die . Moreover their names cannot be seen and their name is not also displayed on battle bar , instead a white bar . Please ban all those players hacking . They are Russians .


Invisible players are not necessarily hackers. Sometimes when I go into battles, I'm pretty sure that they can't see me (some of them). Invisible players are most likely a bug.

I agree. I think only a few are actually hacking, because when i find them and they are moving they don't leave any track marks in the dirt. With most invisible players however, I'm able to see the marks but not the tank. I think this is a bug between the connection between a player and a server which the server may mistreat and cause these problems.