Self-destructing for no reason / game freeze

SupaCrazyTanka 3 years ago • updated by ggguy 3 years ago 7

I self destruct for no reason and sometimes the game does not end FIX IT PLEASE

That's been going on for a while. It has been reported before. We must assume that they are working on it.

That shouldn't go to ideas topic, it should to to "bugs", author.

It happens to me too

No, It's to stop does hackers to jump around using jump hacks. So if u like EG: Jump off a cliff on kungur map then you will have a high chance of self destructing.

And if your game is freezing change your graphic quality to low or medium and make the screen size smaller too!

You're right , SD for no reason

this happens when someone has got lags because I played a lot TX and that happens really often.

When you kill somebody or someone kills you it tells you that they or you self destructed instead of getting a kill