Ammunition for all turrets

Peter3303 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 3

There needs to be ammo for all turrets. The ammo bar will be vertical and on the left side of the screen. every time you fire, one bullet will be removed from the bar. this would have to include ammo supply boxes (most likely blue) to obtain mags. each turret will have a different amount of ammo. thunder will fire 3 times then switch mags, fire 3 times and so on until it is out of mags. Vulcan could obviously fit many bullet in its mag. this should, in my opinion, level out the playing field by having the pros and the rookies both run out of ammo. this will add more weaknesses to the pros and giving rookies more of a chance. this will also ad more strategy, fighting for the ammo supply boxes and using your mags wisely. please take this message to heart and really think about it.

 Peter3303.    FRONTIER ALL THE WAY!!!

Making an ammo system will make the game wayy more complicated than it already has become with a module system. I doubt they would ever add this feature.

Is CallOfDuty complicated tho? But you can understand the basics can you?

Call of Duty isn't complicated other than their messed up PC keybinds.