New (Arms Race) Module Dissappearing Bug

Moorland 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 0

When I change my turret/hull preset in the lobby before match starts, sometimes the equipped modules on the tank disappears during battle (very frustrating). I'll tell what happened last time:

1. I change my turret/hull preset to Wasp/Hammer in the lobby.

2. In the garage this preset has four modules [emp(1*), repair(2*), rage, backhit defence]

3. On entering the game,  repair module is missing from its slot.  (shown below)

This has happened many times when I have switched between presets of different upgrade levels having different no. of modules. This issue needs immediate fix as it directly affects one's performance in battle. Not much of a big deal in quick play, but it is outrageously annoying in ranked battles. I'm surprised that this bug has not come under the notice of the developers or other players.  

* = number keys