The-Orange & JLTU4KA hacking and selling hacks on tanki X

dangdawg 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 10

I have written before about a number of players hacking on tanki X.

It appears you do not care.

Here is video of hackers hacking and selling their hacks to players


I hope you look into this, it is very frustrating and happens on a daily basis. It is not easy to catch them on video as they normally do not do it for more than 1 minute. Enough to change the game so they win lots of crystals.

like on to,hacker guys mod or admin wont see or can see,shame for it

Dangdawg, leave the hackers be; it opens a great opportunity for improvements in the anticheat system.

Not if the problem isn't being recognized

Thank you for reporting.

playr uTeP_B_CMeTaHe no reload hack


too bad... maybe some obfuscator alg can make the difference... seriously this kind of player have to be punished! Guys i suggest when u find this guys... make a video... or just leave... let they stay alone and isolated from comunity.

i have also seen players in tanki x and in TO hacking(flying and jumping in the air ).they must be banned at all costs.