Lags and more in the new updates!....Why?!

RevanQuanta 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 1

When I re-Installed my game back (because I needed a break, plus it won't open no more) I can finally play again. I was so excited for all the new Updates. But.....My graphics seems weird. I never had a problem with my  graphics. I checked the settings and everything's alright. I thought it will go away soon.....I played my first battle and everything is a mess......So much lag that i never experienced before in Tanki X. I tried to fix it.....and T fixed it a little bit. But the graphics are blurry. and there's still lags. I still appreciated the updates and had a little fun but please help why is this happening :( Even the Resolution and graphics are weird when i play, its kinda blurry. And the fps. What is going on. This never happened to me when I last played Tanki X  Heeelppp :(


Hi there!

Have you turned ON the half-resolution option in graphic settings? If so, turn it off and check if it makes any improvement.
Also, check if there are new updates available for your GPU.