Tanki X's new "Arms Race" update sucks!

EliteCommander 2 years ago • updated by Moorland 2 years ago 3

Tanki X's new "Arms Race" update sucks! You can't choose the battles you want to play. The new system for modules in the garage is way too complicated. All of my modules have disappeared and the upgrade levels are the same when my mastery levels were noticeably different. (Didn't you say all of our stuff would be saved?) I needed to download some battles, which took about 3 minutes. Once, the battle had less than 2 minutes left when I joined. My computer crashes after 1-5 minutes on Iran, Rio, and Sandbox. I'd appreciate if you fixed those bugs and retrieve the things I lost after the update.

I do appreciate the rewards, and I am sorry for lack of video/photos for proof. But please trust me, and if you also dislike the Arms Race update, please reply below and vote if you will.

Also if you disagree with anything, or have questions, please let me know in the comments below. I'll do my best to answer them.

You got blueprints instead of old modules. Open containers and then research modules.

  • The new module system does seem complicated and Intimidating at first but there is a tutorial that shows how all the new modules work, how to research them (with blueprints) and upgrade them. I guess you skipped that? Anyway, trust me you will get used to the modules very quickly in less than 4-5 matches.
  • As for the compensation, we got a pretty good one. I got about 50 bronze league blueprint chests and 6 Silver League blueprint chests along with about 10000 crystals.

Have you gone to the Shop > Containers and recovered your blueprint chests?