the game is so hard for me to play because of the delay in the movements i make and the visual results.

team-orange-07 3 years ago 0

What i try to explain is: When i move my turret for example the screen is moving a little later. So when i stopped the movement with the turret or hull the screen/visual is always a little behind. It is really difficult to aim then. Of course from a position and standing still it is not that hard then, but driving and aiming and shooting in the movement is so different compared to tanki online. I tried all the combinations with quality and pixels but i seems i cant find the right combination. With quality high or very high it's simply not possible for me to play because the delay is even bigger. the visual effects are making me almost nauseuos.

Next thing: The brightness......is it possible to change the brightness? Sure the grapihcs are nice but maybe a litte to much of it all?? sometimes it seems like for example the trees are glowing