Feeders in ranked games, and let us choose mode in ranked

Pabloblue 2 years ago • updated by Artcore 2 years ago 1

This in ranked games.. the one guy on our team single handedly lost us the game. I understand if he's bad, but when he's feeding them kills, it makes a win impossible. Makes it hard to rank up when this is going on. Also, being able to choose which map we want to play on in ranked is massive. I prefer to play CTF, but most of my ranked games are TDM. It kind of defeats the purpose of playing if you're not allowed to play the mode you want to (in ranked).


Uh, we have a Universe fan here :) 

I am sorry, but this is the position we have taken. Random modes (between TDM and CTF) and random maps. This will most probably not change in the near future. 

We will look into the feeders issue, see if there is anything we can do about it.