Crash before the battle ending screen (plenty of memory)

gorcsevivanx 2 years ago • updated by ODD 2 years ago 5


I have regular crashing of the app. when the battle ends. I saw some fixed, but I think neither apply to my situation. I have definitely enough memory.

I have 16G RAM and 4GB video RAM (RAdeon RX460)

I play in 2560x1440 resolution, but it never caused any issue beforehand.

This crashing that occur 66% of the battles started sometime in the summer.

You can find the last 3 crash here:




My client is crashing at the end of every battle.

log: https://pastebin.com/2B4xWEMN

I just had my first crash after round end. The game loaded weird because I went into shop to open some containers right before the rounds started, and it locked up on the container screen. When the round ended, the screen blurred, like normal, then the game closed. I have attached the game logs via Google Drive here.

Same, my game crashes straight away after the round ends. I think this only started after the arms race update. Log: link on google drive

I still get error at the end of battle if I turn on Half Resolution.