any possibility to get after the hacks some players are using to make it impossible to play and test the game for honest players?

team-orange-07 3 years ago • updated by dangdawg 3 years ago 5

Dont use hacks but be honoured to be one of the testers of the game!!!

Is it possible for the developers to watch the battles wich are played?

There are some players, although i wouldn't call them players but cheaters, who make it impossible to play the game right now. players like nummerok and portres are using cheats like endlessly capeturing the flag.

The best way to get them is to record them and send it the the devs at help@tankionline.com. The tanki x(help@tankix.com) is not working at this time. If you have Win. 10, inside of the game, press Win. button and the G button at the same time. Click "Yes, this is a game" and it will show you the Win. game bar. It can take pics of the screen and record. After you do that, you can record just by pressing at the same time, Win., alt, R. You can look at the video by going to File Explorer, then to Videos and it should be there, if not, just look around on your computer.

I fully agree with you. i was in a Rio CTF battle earlier today. Our team was winning 13 to 0. Just near the end of the battle the game went funny and Nummerok suddenly started to collect flags. He put the score up to 20 for them to 13 for us in just a few seconds. That is how the game ended, as seen in the attached screenshot. Unfortunately I didn't hit the Print Screen button soon enough to get everyone who was in the battle, but you get the idea.

At first I thought it was just another bug in the game, but after reading your post, I agree that it was very likely a hack. Hopefully the Devs can do something about it, like permanently ban him/them from the game.

This is what i just screenshotted i will read again what to do and try it but really these kids are very annoying and killing the game


Hello please note that there are several bugs in the game such as which are not fixed or not noticed . The developers are working hard to resolve this problem and the game is currently in closed beta stage . Soon the anticheat systems will be fully secured and no hacker would be able to exist in the game . Thanks !

so, why not ban hackers now? They are in the game making it terrible to play and selling it to other players. I have posted video https://youtu.be/G2W4fvaIwd0 of The-Orange and JLTU4KA. They are recruiting others. If you do not ban them, so you will have no bug testers playing