Unable to Buy Crystals

ngidle 1 year ago • updated 1 year ago 7

When I 1st installed I was able to purchase.
Now every time I click Crystals to Buy I get nothing. No response, no error, just nothing. I validated game files they were fine. I did an uninstall and reinstall that did not work. Any ideas?


Hi there!

Can you provide a short video of the problem you are facing?

A video of nothing but the screen not doing anything?

How about a screen shot?

A video of you clicking it and nothing happening

A screenshot doesn't provide enough details for the consultants to clearly understand what's the matter. That's why, you should try to make a short video of the problem you're facing and post it here.


Do you play from Steam?
And I need you to record a video showing this bug.

Yes I play from Steam.

Sorry no videos. If you can't tell by my account the still shot & from server side logs etc. I will simply move on to a different game.

I really don't care.

Thanks for your time,