Crash before displaying battle results (EDIT2)

doenerstyle 2 years ago • updated by gorcsevivanx 2 years ago 5

After the game had 'crashed' (but the program itself kept running), I've clicked the restart button and accepted the message asking me if I wanted to reconnect to the same server I've played on before. After reconnecting, the round was running fine, but right before it should have displayed the battle results, the game crashed.

error.log: https://pastebin.com/e277auNK

output_log.txt: https://pastebin.com/GcTNAWws

If the crash.dmp is needed too, please tell me.

EDIT: The same crash just happened again (only the real crash, not the reconnect thing) and both crashes happened on Moon Silence, so maybe there's a problem with the map. Other maps seem to work fine.

EDIT2: I've played multiple rounds on Moon Silence again but it worked completely fine this time.


Well, everything seems fine to me, except for a low graphic memory. But it's passable.
I suggest you not to run any other media content while playing Tanki X.

I usually don't run anything else except YouTube on 144p for background music when playing Tanki X and I also don't see why the battle result screen would need more VRAM than the game itself but I guess there are reasons for that.

Anyways, thanks for your help!

Thank you for posting this issue, doenerstyle! I have uncounted problems with that as well. The thing is that you do not get credit for the game and I really play for fun, but to advance in Rank as well. Will be nice if they will have imbeded some kind of detection software to give credit to tankers when that crash occurs, Thank you!

I regularly (but not always) get this error. Here is the two error log from today:


I have 16GB ram with no virtual memory enabled, running win10 64x.

So, there should not be any memory issue.

I do not agree that this comes from low memory. This happens regularly (more than not).

Memory is plenty, and the VGA card has min. 4GB.

This error started sometime after or just before the MM introduced.

My computer is full with the error logs.