Loading struck- It just stops at end

cosee 3 years ago updated by DamnSlow 3 years ago 8

Did you try closing and then opening the client?

Happens in TO, too. Usually resets after a new battle starts

with me too buts its differnt what happend is it load for an upaded and than it load and it not restarting and i try the next day i try it again and it restart and now i entry my account and than it sucks help me .

Try restarting the client.

the same problem is with me....my loading also strucks at the end...and i tried to restart but nothing happened..

i resatarted client 10 times and also tried to do it by changing graphics again and again

this problem is because tanki x downloads ~2 gb data upon first launch. take a look at my topic http://help.tankix.com/topics/2389-tanki-x-additional-data-download-problem/