Module problem

OzCo 2 years ago • updated by Writer 2 years ago 2

Developers, please fix the module problem / frustration we all are experiencing.

It is unreasonable to have us be able to craft modules we can not use in games!!  What a frustration

The minimum is you can explain in description that it can only be used at particular levels.  We all are wasting money and resources because of this.

Otherwise, do not have have it show up in the garage!!

How are we to know which models we can use and what we can not??  We craft and then go to play game and nothing is there!!!

Please fix

Thank you


There are also other people facing problems with modules. I guess we all have to wait until this issue gets fixed.

Duplicate topic: http://echo.tankix.com/topics/8873-help-me-because-i-do-not-have-the-spider-mine/

That's not a bug. Happens if you use for e.g a turret with master 5 with
a hull with mastery 10. You might have 3 slot but if the mastery of 
your equipment is not same you will be able to use only one or two slot,
not all.