A new module idea!

Adventure_tank_HW 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

So i was just playing some Tanki X when a plane flew over my house. That gave me the idea for a new module! 

Module name: Airstrike

Damage: enough to destroy any tank.

Cooldown: 4 minutes

Splash damage: 500( only the target will recive max damage)

When activated you will get a red square around the enemy you are pointing at, and it says on the screen: point at the target you would like to destroy. When you move your turret you will see squares appearing around the enemies you are pointing at, even through walls( you can only point at one at a time) . When you are ready click space. 

After clicking space a plane will come flying over the battlefield and drop a bomb at the selected target( doesnt matter if the target moves, the plane will find it anyway). When the bomb explodes, everyone can see smoke from where the bomb hit, and the target will be destroyed.

This can be a little OP, but the cooldown time is long, and the plane is a little slow, so you need to quick( you also need to point at the enemy you want destroy).

This was just another one of my crazy ideas. It would be really cool if it would be in the game though. Thanks for reading this idea and sorry for my bad english.


This idea seems cool but I think it will be too overpowered even with a long cooldown. Some improvements that can be made,

  • Decrease the cooldown
  • Remove the one shot kill effect ( even though, it will remove a big chunk of health points if the target is hitted )
  • Remove the effect witch allows you to see through textures
  • Shots can be dogged with fast hulls
  • Increase splash damage

This is purely my opinion.

I know, even with a long cooldown it might be overpowered. But still, i wanna make it so that people fear it, because it kills in one shot. And also, if you cant see textures, and nobody is within sight, who are you gonna hit? And actually, the shots should be able to be dogded with fast hulls, but it will still deal a lot of damage.