Buff the Shaft!

SolidShock 2 years ago • updated by ndjgame 2 years ago 3

I've finally reached level 9 and bought the shaft, my favorite weapon in Tanki online. Thought it would be the same or close to the same and be very powerfull, since I remember beeing really good with the normal M0 without upgrades shaft in Tanki Online.

I was very surprised! I bought it and sorry, but it's complete trash! The timer for full reload is EXTREMELY long, and it does nowhere near enough damage. I know the difference in this game is, that it matter where you hit, such as it will do more damage if you hit a tank from behind, but were looking at a sniper here, most likely you won't be facing the back of an enemy when shooting across the map. Afcourse there are the eventual back turned people, but thats rare, comparing to a whole match.

I say either buff the damage and leave the timer, or lower the timer and leave the damage as it is.

It's unrealisticly usless right now.

Only new people (That most likely don't know the weapon and it's mechanics) use it... Everyone else just uses the railgun or smoky.

Please say your opinion and think about buffing the weapon! Atleast untill it becomes acutally viable.

Shaft is considered as a sniping weapon, like in other games, sniping weapons have slow reloadings but high damage. While using shaft you should know the 'critical areas' and use them to your advantage. The critical areas are spots on a tank where you must shoot so that you could deal higher damage ( using shaft ), for example, the turret or the corners of the tank. If a turret needs to be rebalanced the developers will look into the matter.

I know of these 'critical' points, and I try to use them, but I do believe it needs to be rebalanced. And I'm well aware of how snipers work in games.

yes dude me to...
im sniper in tanki online. im also do the same thing it's useless...

that why im chage to railgun, now im flag capture.....