What about a mortar weapon?

SolidShock 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 2

I haven't played Tanki Online in a while, but noticed about this game and came here.. I kinda didn't want to waste time in Tanki Online, since this atleast in my opinion is a newer and better version currently. Besides it beeing in beta and stuff.

I had a great idea of a mortar weapon.

It would be quite big on your tank, but you wouldn't be able to turn it sepretly, only if the tank turns, the weapon turns.

You could lock in the ground in a couple of seconds and then see the battlefield from a birds eye view, but only a select space, so a person wouldn't be able to camp in one corner of the map and destroy everyone.

Then he would get a crosshair, that longer he holds the fire button would get smaller and smaller, then he releases it and it shoots a explosive round at that crosshair and deals appropriate damage.

What do you think?

This turret seems more like Magnum in TankiOnline, I don't think developers will implement this turret in the game as they don't want to have two copies of the same game. If developers are planning to introduce any new item to TX, they will try out something completely new.

Oh, I didn't know there is a weapon such as my idea already :P

Very well. Looking forward to new weapons.