My feedback #1

krychevsk16 3 years ago updated by SHOAIB 2 years ago 7

1. Low performance

2. Unplayable game, high-level players everywhere

3. Don't press ESC, it makes a critical error

4. You can type only 1 letter in chat

5. The game crashes at midpoint

6. Hard to level up

7. Small upgrades


The game sucks, there are only high-level tanks everywhere, it's unplayable. Everyone one-shots you. My rating - 3/10




And you're welcome for being invited into the CTB. Keep playing, it takes time to level up. I know it's hard to get crystals to upgrade your equipment when the "big guns" get most of them, but there is supposed to be another garage wipe coming up soon, which will level the playing field again. Hang in there.

It's hard to get crystals, I get every time an error and I can't get any crystals. All players in every game are unkillable, I maximum get only 1 kill, 1 KILL. I hate this game.

You don't really hate this game, you only think you do. Yes, it's hard to get crystals, but hang in there, updates are coming, hopefully for the better.

Hey, I saw you playing though somewhere, it's, of course, playable for you because you are already have a good gun with upgrades.

Believe me, I feel your frustration. I've been a CB tester since the beginning, and have seen a few updates and garage wipes. With the last few updates, and the change in the scoring system, it has worked out to the benefit of a few players who managed to be in the right place at the right time. My strongest weapon is my Smoky, which is only upgraded to about 15 or 16 at this point, so I am definitely not up there with the "top guns", who's weapons are upgraded to 50 or 60 plus. Without the ability to collect a large bunch of crystals, like they do, it's hard to upgrade fast enough to keep up with them. It's a vicious circle at this point. Hang in there, things will change for the better, soon, we hope.

This is a very good game! I play it and I enjoy. But sometimes I really rage ALOT. Want to know why?

Ok thats the reason: IT IS CRUSING VEEEERY MUCH! Im in a match and then I crush. I close and open again. Play the same map and guess what is happening again?! Yes. You guessed correct. IT IS CRUSHED! I really like this game but if it continues to crush in that level, im not going to play it again.




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