Bug Gold Box - Again (I want my gold ! )

matheusvb97 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 4

The gold box bug continue... More one time I was stolen and I want my gold box! I was in map "Area" and the gold dropped 2 times, I lost 1, but in the second gold box I was on top of the mark, the gold box appeared and I did not take the box, the box stayed on top of me.

When the enemy got push me, he took the box!

I want my box, this is the 3° time that the game stolen... This time I want my gold box!


The developers are already aware of this bug.

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yeah, but now I want my 1k crystals of gold box... It's unfair, I lost more than 3 gold with this bug... And is not only in Area 159, but all map that have roof.

I will teach how the developers can solved this bug, because looks like they don't get. If they want I can teach C++ to them... -.-"

1° Do the box drop bellow of roof.
2° Decrease the drop time.

So, how the drop in map with roof is limited, it's necessary make the boxes drop more bellow, and so, for not to have less time to drop box too it's necessary decrease the drop time.

Or simplily, don't let the box collide with roof...

But I want my box that was stolen of me.


Developers are aware of the bug.