Fades to black screen after connecting message when starting game

rara88 2 years ago • updated by ashwaniarya 1 year ago 16

starting about 3 days ago, i get black screen with only a barely visible black cursor whenever starting the game. I usually try logging in around server restart time on classic tanki, but fade to black issue continues long after normal server restart time, like an hour or so afterward. 

i see this topic several times in forum, but never with solution..

These blackout issues are often caused by overclocking of the graphics card. If you're running the game on high resolution, try switching to medium.

Its probably not this because the game hasn't even loaded.

Game graphic settings may be the case as I recently bumped up the settings, but had played a couple days with those settings before this issue came up. 

It fades to black after the "connecting" screen when starting the game before getting access to game settings...

Maybe the developers can put in a low resolution home page in the future to address this possibility..

Just uninstalled and re-installed the game client with no change to fade to black issue..

I'm also logging in early in the day long before and after server restarts, so that for sure is not the issue.

Running Win 10, fresh restart of computer before every daily attempt, regular classic Tanki  works fine..

Any ideas?

How long have you tried waiting with the black screen or does it start to "not respond"?

I've waited up to 20- 30 minutes before doing Alt, Ctrl, Del to bring up task manager and end tankix.exe process.  Mouse pointer always moves around black screen, so not locked up.

Did you try both steam and client versions?

Ok, so just installed Steam version and it does exactly same thing as client version and in Task manager looks to be the same Tankix.exe process.  I let the TankiX client run for about an hour on black screen when the "lost connection to server"  screen came up, but faded to black again when I reconnect. Noticed in Task Manager that, except for a regular .01 Mbps blip once in awhile,  there is 0% network activity from the Tankix.exe process..

Well, this is beyond what I can do for you, you will have to wait for a help site moderator to take a look.

something close happening to me I trying to open the game it's open and become black screen and then write to me no connection to server


Are you running the game as Administrator?
Also, provide the game logs.

Been almost a week since game went down..  Sure wish I could play . . .

Anyone have any ideas? 

..and suddenly Tanki X loads and plays again after a new update download. 

What ever you did, Thank you.


Fire At Will !

I am having the same problem too .Admin pls do something or all players will stop playing Tanki X .