Game freezes then crashes while in the middle of a game

Pardonkulous 2 years ago • updated by Amir.h 2 years ago 3

While playing Tanki X, the game will freeze while playing, a black bar will flash briefly across the screen, and then the game will no longer respond. This happens randomly while playing in a match and has happened in every single game mode, on every map. Windows asks if you want to wait until the program responds but it never recovers. You have to close the client and restart the game every time. It happens pretty often.

Does your PC meet the requirements? Please try running the game as administrator. If that doesn't help please provide your game logs

that doesnt happen to me at all / your comp might not meet requirements


The same problem happens to me. While playing, the game and sound freezes and you have to close the client and then restart. 

That is no big deal but the second problem is when you return to your match your modules become unavailable. 

my system meets the requirements and i play on minimum graphics level.