New texture for "allied" invisible tanks.

ARCEUSARCER_YT 2 years ago 0

I have often faced this problem when using the "Invisible Tank" module , it's very hard for your teammates to see you and most of the time end bumping into you and knocking off your aim or just ruin your whole plan and then you have to wait for it to reload all over again.

And due to this in "Low-gravity/Space" (Moon Silence, Ares) maps we end up flipping each other and in some dark corners it's very hard to see that there's a invisible tank (seriously very hard).

I suggest the Devs. to add a different texture for "Allied Invisible-Tanks" and the invisible tanks could be seen only by their teammates and would act as usual against enemy tanks.

About the "NEW Texture"

* The flag texture could be a great choice but it's opacity must be low.

* It can be made to look like a hologram or a distorted figure of the tank.

* There can even be a boundary line around the tank like in radar module and the color would correspond to the team the tank is in.

Credits : "Tanki Online Test Box Series" (Test box 07 ) and "Tanki X Modules" video. 

Sources: YouTube