Bot Battle Bug

trauma 2 years ago • updated by swiftbillyle 2 years ago 4

Damage Indicator showing for damage that I have not dealt

Well it seems that the damage indicator is showing you the damage done by your teamates to the enemies...I have seen this kind of bug for the first time.

Can you please provide more details for it would be easier for the Mods. to help you out..

  When did this bug started to affect your gamplay ? Has it occurred only once in some random battle or is it a common issue with every battle ? 

Remember: Please don't remove the video from Youtube unless your problem is solved as it would help them to analyse the problem efficiently.

Additional information:

.It seemms this bug is not limited to the bot battles

.Strangely only happens when playing on Area 159 (I'm not sure as to whether mode effects; but I have only noticed it on TDM)

.Seems I only see damage that is dealt by other Smoky/Hunter users (though sometimes it doesn't show

I'll be uploading an additional video that should show the above later on today (currently on mobile)

Happened to me only in mastery 0 battle.

And mastery 3-4 Area-159 TDM.