Automatic Self Destruction, With FREEZE. BUG!

that-one-leo 2 years ago • updated by Doombringer 2 years ago 1

Its a matter of fact, about 20mins ago, i was playing Sandbox, with my lovely wasp gold and freeze. And while killing other Freeze using players, i selfed! I have heared that thunder splash damage can cause us self, and have even seen it! But... but but Why FREEZE!? Please tell me that freeze doesnt have splash damage. Its probably a bug. Quite to be Noticed.

Dude I have the exact same problem and by the way there is no problem with your freeze it is a bug in general. The same is happening to me I have also posted it and I have a screenshot there. Do not worry this is a bug the game is facing in its beta pahse and there is nothing wrong with your freeze or wasp. http://echo.tankix.com/topics/7893-players-reaching-over-the-limit-of-a-certain-battles-maximum-possible-player-limit/