Automatic Self-destruction!

Doombringer 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 10

I was playing normally until I self-destructed without any reason! There was no 5 second countdown to self-destruct nor did I press the delete button! I got lucky and managed to screenshot it. It happened to me a few more times before but could not manage to take a picture of them. Please fix this bug it is ruining my battle score.



Your system doesn't meet the Minimum System Requirements.

I've had problem with RAM in my computer, then I've got every 5 second lag like it was high ping. The sensitivity for problems like ping spikes or lag is in Tanki X very high, and it produces false anti-cheat results, which means automatic-self-destruction. Try to close all programs, which may case high ping or try some other games, for example CS1.6 if you have some lag spikes visible over time. CS1.6 is good indicator of these problems.

Whenever I play Tanki X, no other program is running. I only open it for maximum fps. Yes I have played on Counter Strike 1.6 for a few months and sometimes ping spikes but other times it is just fine and playable. By the way, with all due respect, why are you linking Counter Strike to Tanki X, I mean both of them have different engines and mechanics?

I've linked them together, because i've noticed correlation between my lag spikes in CS1.6 and tanki x auto-self-destruction, and I thought it would be good game to test the stability on. There is definitely something wrong with your computer or network connection and because of tanki x's sensitivity to these problems you are self destructing. I'd be asking being you the tanki x team to fix this self-destruction problem by lowering the sensitivity of anticheat or whatever causes it.

I have a Broadband Internet Connection and here are my computer's specs: -


Rating: 4.1 Windows Experience Index

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz 3.00 GHz

Installed Memory(RAM): 2.00 GB

System type: 32-bit Operating System

Pen and Touch:  No Pen and Touch available for this Display.

Windows edition

Windows 7 Ultimate

Copyright c 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All right reserved.

Service Pack 1 

Hmm, there can be a problem with an old computer like this. I'm not sure what the minimum requirements are, but I think you don't pass. I've also got older computer (core 2 quad, 4gb ram, HD5870). It is hard to tell, where is problem, but probably your computer can't handle the game very well...

No, I play the game in peace, though there are a few fps drops here and there but it is very playable and enjoyable.

There may not be problem with FPS, but as in my case there was problem with stability.

Would you please explain the term 'stability', I could not understand your point.

For example my ram. I've had three sticks of DDR2 one from samsung, two from kingston. On one memory channel i've had samsung and in the second channel the kingstones. There have been probably some latency issues and so it caused the lags every 5-6 seconds. The term stability means, that everything runs as it is supposed to. I have no idea, where you may have problem, but yours system is quite older than mine and so there is more room for some issues.


Your system doesn't meet the Minimum System Requirements.