Too laggy, impossible to play. its like 2 FPS

GummyWorld 3 years ago • updated by FirePower 3 years ago 6

Too much lag. Even when I clicked on Very Low graphics. ):

It seems that a lot of people are facing issues with lag even though their computer specs are good. It could be due to the lack of optimization of the game at it's current state. Please be patient and wait for them to introduce updates to stabilize the game client and up your FPS levels.

In the meantime you can lower your graphics quality, play in windowed mode and play on relatively small maps to increase your FPS.

If you are using a laptop, right click the battery icon in the taskbar and select power options.

From there, click High Performance. This will make your computer ready to run apps that need a lot of RAM and stress the processor

What if you are using a PC?

I don't think it has this option. I can check though

Dear tanker please note that the game is not yet optimized to run smoothly on low end PC . The game is currently under closed beta and there are numerous bugs to notice . In the upcoming months the game shall go under open beta test and there is a possibility that some bugs be fixed or there be introduction to new features such as user optimized gameplay . Kindly see if your PC meets the minimum requirements for the game to run smoothly. Thank you for understanding.

ya i agree the lag is so bad that when i hit the arrow key for a second the tank moves for like 3 seconds..... very annoying