Heavier hull not able to push a lighter hull

ZeroThreat 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 3

That's what happen, me, a Viking, and another player, a Wasp is both fighting for the Gold box. There are only 2 of us (no one else is pushing in any direction). And I somehow cannot push the Wasp away and he caught the gold box. 

Viking should be heavier and more power. According to the equation, F=ma, I should be able to push the Wasp with no problem since I have much higher mass m. The acceleration a can be consider the same because both of us are not moving at all (or extremely slow, which is unnoticeable).

Were you pushing from the Front/Rear or Sides?

Pushing Rear of Wasp with Rear of Viking

Did it move the slightest?