In game ranking

wilbert1503 3 years ago • updated by CANADA_EH 3 years ago 1

Players which use turrets like Vulcan, Thunder and Ricochet in lesser way, can selfdestruct, which is a good option. However, if a Vulcan selfdestructs or if someone presses the selfdestruct, than a kill is deducted from the ranking, and seems to me is strange. I feel it should be added to the destructed site of the ranking and not deducted from your kills. Any other weapon like twins, isida, etc etc can fire constantly without restrictions except for time, but with rico, thunder or vulcan you are punished twice.

I tend to agree with you. Add a death to your score, yes, but don't deduct a legitimate kill. Oddly enough, I brought up the same subject in TO, and got numerous answers from different sources, none of which made any real sense to me at the time. Apparently this feature is going to be the same as in TO. Let's hope some of the developers feel the same way we do, and change it.