People outside map!

TankiDude 3 years ago • updated by kanishk_the_dark 3 years ago 2

Lately,I have been playing Tanki X. I've went into spectator mode and I saw 2 people driving around outside the map! The map was sandbox and I suspect it happens on other maps. Please put a self destruct area outside the map like in Tanki Online. If this doens't happen, players will complain about them being shot from nowhere!

That "feature" has been around for a long time, and I'm sure they are aware of it, but it must not be a priority to be fixed. There were other glitches on other maps, such as Kungur, where you could drive through the wall in certain spots, but they have been fixed. Why don't you figure out how to get out to "nowhere", (which is easy), and become a "shooter from nowhere"? You can also be a submarine, but I'll let you figure that out on your own.

Dear player please note that the game is currently under closed beta stage . The Software and/or Beta Test materials may include known or unknown bugs. Some players are experiencing problems in various maps , ie glitches such as hiding in the wall , no self destrution in SD zone etc . You are requested not to exploit the in-game bug . Thank you for understanding .