Replace Boxes Quests With Module Usage

bebo321 2 years ago 0

One of the new quests is to collect a number of supply boxes. This is a very bad quest, firstly it does not require any combat effort, secondly it motivates the player to just camp for the supply boxes. I've seen many people already complain about this too, the update got out this week yet I've already seen a player begging to get the supply boxes from his teammates and raging on them, this would lead to team sabotage and inactive teammember in the battlefield. Thus this quest must be removed, even in logical sense it does not add to team work or help but calls for team sabotage and hunting supply boxes. Instead I suggest to replace this quest with "Kill X players with X module or while X module is active". We could also have just "Use X module X amount of times" but that also does not add to teamwork unless you make it specific to only DM mode. There's a lot of possible quests ideas that can relate to modules usage, there's for sure much better quests with modules usage, but I'm focusing here about one that is similar to the collect boxes but adds teamwork and remains as easy as the original quest. Now this quest will have to be different according to rank, since modules aren't that easy to get in low ranks. Originally I think there should much more different quests and the higher rank you are, the more different quests there could be, but I guess developers aren't focusing on that right now, if they are please note me so maybe I make a suggestion post with different quests.
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