Loading problem

swiftbillyle 3 years ago • updated by THE-COMMANDERS 10 months ago 44

Since last night I am trying to open the game but it is not loading every time there comes an error and I am sorry that I did not checked my mail earlier. The game is not loading.


does it show

"cannot connect to the server" ??


Did you try reinstalling the client?


yes it does just so you know

  • hello i need help when it got update and when i sign up and then it got loading for hours and hours so what i do?

Did you try reinstalling the client?


no use of that...I reinstall it 2 times but no use..


mine to i have waited for hours for it to load I reinstall it but still the same problem


same to me i try to run but it takes too long to load i wait hours and i also tried to reinstall the program....

Tanki X moderators pls reply. Same problem with me. I havent even played the game even once.


same thing with me me it say no connection to server


loading reaches almost end but never goes to completion.

i tried reinstalling but that does not helps .


^Same. And when I stay waiting for hours, it just gives the no connection to server error.


Now I got to know that these errors are coming to those who have graphics card installed to CPU which is not best for Tanki X.

Any way to fix it?

Yes, there is but that is to buy a graphics card. However NVIDIA graphics card is the best.


Sadly, both your computers have really weak graphics cards (they don't actually have any, they are integrated graphics cards in the CPUS).

This was told to me by lordmotafa. He meant that these graphics card is making problem to me on Tanki X. I think that all the bugs I got in TX is due to these graphics card(some of the bugs are mentioned on my topics).

Come on developers! Atleast say something. It's been 3 months!!!!

Artcore is also seeing the posts on bugs with the developers.

Why doesn't he reply on this particular topic? :/

Is there no solution?


There is none, for now. The issue is being investigated.


Ill become a Grandpa if its loads soooo slowly like this ATM


Apparently Tanki doesn't care. :(

That isn't right. TX cares but TX is trying hard to fix things up as soon as possible and they are also trying not to postponed OBT and also there was a bug in TO few days before so that made up a huge disturbance in Tanki. The reason for taking the time is that there aren't much developers to work faster.

Ok! I take my words back.

Good that you understood.

The error I get now is "Connection to server lost"

well i have a loading problem i just noticed my tanki x invitation code today i regester and waited for loading it was slow and lost connection from server came and i deleted and reinstalled and the loading screen came and it came to last and stoped and its not moving a bit forward can anyone help and i have a slow internet connection

I'm also try this problem. The game is loading for hours and end connection appears to Server Lost

can we be friends

well can we be friends Style24k

If anyone of you gets him problem cleared then please tell here and also tell that how it got cleared so that it might help others also.

same problem here i logged into my acc first time yesterday is it be cuz of that?

loading never ends

Hey guys TX is fine for me and I think that it will be fine for everyone. Come on guys play the game and enjoy.

TX made it possible for us to play.

If your computer is too slow, don't play TX yet, or use a different computer. My Windows 7 does not work, but it works fast on Mac.

My PC is very slow and it hangs too much even if I try to open windows explorer but I can easily play TX in low graphics with few lags. Try to open an empty battle first.

if you are on mac let it it take a while but then it will load up. make sure you drag it to your applications


It's a topic from 2 years ago, I'm pretty sure it's fixed. ;)

damn it's turn on but not loading it write big TANKI Arms race same probleme with me need help here


oh i was wrong it work back for me it take 30sec to send a yes no and it restart and i get to play back tankiX thank you.