Rail Bug

Talib_xox 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 8

Some of my railgun shots dont do damage to enemies it only shakes the tank.This is happening only after the last update.It is a serious bug because I always play with railgun now the game is unplayable for me.Wtf?

Here is a video


This doesn't proof anything. Maybe he has more hit points remaining.

It doesn't prove rail doesn't work, but it does show damage indicator not working.

The bug of rail not doing damage has been around for a good month or slightly longer. Where every now and then it doesnt do any damage. The person who posted this made a topic in the forums and there is a video of what iy looks like from anothet perspective (not the client).

I am still not sure as to whether the devsare aware of this, as someone mentioned this in the RU forum for the Q&A live stream that was going to be held later. Didnt watch it (as I dont have any chance of understanding spoken Russian

I concur - often times with this new update you hit another tank but get no notification that damage occurred. Sometimes you hear the "click" of the hit but no numbers appear.

Have you seen it on other turrets?

This often occurs due to lag. Next time you don't deal any damage, try to self destruct.

It wasn't lag, it was an actual issue. However I believe it has been fixed. (If we all agree on that)