Not a bug

Rank Up Bug

Ace_of_Sp4des 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 14

MRDRUMZ262 ranked up in the battle earlier (while being destroyed). When he left, the rank up effect appeared in the last spot he was in even though he was no longer in the battle and had already ranked up.



he ranked up after he died, in that point there was his wreck, happened some times to me

how you got this paint ?

It was a reward for picking one of the winning teams in the first set of battles in an RU StopGame tournament on May 4th. Additional information can be found here: https://stopgame.ru/static/tanki/index.php

This is not fair, we were not informed about it. And only for Russia?

It was all in Russian. You would've known about it if you either came across it in the forum or if you were on the Official Tanki X Discord server. And remember, life isn't fair.

Not everyone can speak Russian


he ranked up after he died, in that point there was his wreck, happened some times to me

He ranked up after dying, and then after maybe a minute or so he left, then the rank up animation played again

Clearly not a bug, The Rank up animation is only triggered when a person get the sufficient EXP points, and once the animation is triggered there is no way to stop it, So, this is not a bug.

So the rank up animation is supposed to happen twice? Maybe I didn't explain it clearly enough. He was destroyed while ranking up (and the animation played). Then he respawned and played for a minute., and he then left. The animation then played again right after he left the game and was no longer playing.

From His rank, we can say that there is no way that he can rank up twice in real according to game aspects. So, You are saying that he ranked up, ok while he was dying. and the animation stopped then, and again after a minute, the animation played again? IF its that case, thats probably a bug @Shoaib point to be noted.