Stolen Gold Box in Area 159

matheusvb97 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 4

I've been stolen in gold box in map Area 159 CTF now. I saw the mark and I used damage, then I kill the enemy, I stayed on top of the mark and my tem trying push me, then the gold box dropped and who took was the enemy invisible!!!!!

How I killed the enemy with damage, and my shot had no effect on the enemy invisible ? And how he tooks the box if I was on top of the mark ? All my team saw this.

I want my gold box, I am very angry because the enemy was mocking me.

It is very stolen, because invisible it's possible see, and nobody saw.

Hello, MatheusVB97!

I confess, this particular case was actually one that piqued my interest in it. Because, I never had that before. Anyway, I will ensure that the team of Tanki X is aware of what you have mentioned. To address an issue like this, you must have a video. With just a little 'text' it won't work at all.

However, I would stress that the question of your topic is not going to be settled.



this is the same thing happeened to me, i created a post about it, devs are already working on the fix!


Perhaps the enemy is using the invisibillity module?

You say its possible to see and nobody saw? Im just guessing invisibility module.