Add option to change the game control keys

ORION 2 years ago • updated by ARCEUSARCER_YT 2 years ago 2

Hello. I do not know if any topic about this was already created here on the help site, because I did not find anything about it. Recently, the "Z" key on my keyboard broke, I'm having to type through a virtual keyboard. I played tanki online for 5 years and always played only on the keyboard, I know that the "<" and ">" keys also have the function of turning the turret, and have mouse control but unfortunately my playing does not work that way. In tanki online already has that possibility to change the control keys and it would be interesting to have that option, to change the keys of the game for others that are good. My keyboard is new and I already triggered the warranty (I do not know if that matters, but it is a Motospeed inflictor ck104) I hope this option is added, it will be very useful!

If I'm not mistaken, they are planning on adding that feature. I'm not sure exactly when, but it will be added eventually.

Yes, it would be eventually added when at least before the game comes close enough to the actual "Release"

Till then the only option left is to either use the mouse controls or the virtual keyboard..Well the Devs know that these kind of problems are popping up but at this moment they are working on the game's visuals, physics, bugs, glitches and a lot more things that determine the game's balance and stability..

So yes to make the long story short we have to wait till they reach out to us after all their work..