modules bonuses

haufi 2 years ago • updated 2 years ago 4

My idea is about damage and resistance bonuses. Now all bonuses (damage/resistance) is against turrets. But what about bonuses against hulls?

I think resistance should be against turrets and damage against hulls (not against turrets like now it is).

"resistance should be against turrets"

They already are. Modules providing resistance are against different turrets.

"damage against hulls (not against turrets like now it is)"

Right now modules providing increased damage are not against a turret, but they are a boost to your own turret

Also, I don't really think that having modules with damage against hulls is really necessary

yep, increased damage against turrets whitch is dumb it should be increased damage against hulls.


It's not against turrets, it's for turrets

Increased damage against turrets means that you do more damage to tanks with a certain turret which is not what is in the game now

Increased damage for turrets means that you do more damage to all tanks while having a certain turret equipped

I see no reason why it should be changed from increased damage for turrets to increased damage against hulls. This would make it so players would try to get modules that will help them against popular hulls, making it harder for players using popular hulls such as Hornet and Viking. Keeping the current system allows players to not worry about having to change their main equipment combination just because it has a disadvantage. Also, your suggested change would make modules for increased damage less useful because players would have to hope that the battle they join has the hull the module is for. This increases the likelihood that players would choose modules against popular hulls which goes back to my previous point.