No damage being taken in Moon Silence

rubbernecker 2 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 9

This is the third time I have played Moon Silence recently where my tank spawned and would not take damage. The only way to solve this issue fairly is to self-destruct. It has happened regardless of game mode and hull/turret combination. I feel that the map should be pulled until this issue is solved since other players likely are experiencing the same issue and might not be reporting it or playing fairly.

As you can see my tank was taking no damage after respawning 3 separate times.



The bug has been fixed.

Under review

This happened in simple Silence map too.

Still happening. It's really frustrating because it ruins the match.

Growing numbers of players are exploiting this bug. It needs to be fixed ASAP.

Hey, can I ask you many questions?

How were you "Exploiting this bug?"

Did you "Rig" the game?

What mastery ranges does this occur at?

Do you have any prior knowledge about this bug?

Also it would be handy if you show us the battle scores.

I tried to damage this Railgun Titan with my Smoky Hunter. I hit him like 10000 times and he didn't die, and he rarely used the Repair Kit. That's when I started to think he has full health and can't take damage. Some of my team members tried to gang up on him and he still didn't face another death. He was still able to kill people, so he ended up with 21 or 23 kills. I got annoyed and accused him of hacking, but the weird thing is he actually faced 9 deaths, no more. Btw this was in Silence, not Moon Silence.

Well if a person self-destructs on the map then the immortality is sometimes reset so it goes away. So a player can spawn normally, be killed, then spawn again as immortal until the player self-destructs again.

To XT_Pro: No, I observed it by noticing that my health was not declining. First time something happens it isn't really a bug, but, when it occurs repeatedly then it can meet the definition of a bug. Multiple times, multiple matches, multiple days. I don't exploit it, othewise, I would not have reported it. When it happens I press delete on my keyboard or drive off the edge of the playing area.

Found some extra proof

I had an epiphany about this problem - since it seems to only happen in team matches perhaps players are spawning with immunity due to the game having a bug keeping track of friendly fire - making your tank immune to damage from both teams.


The bug has been fixed.