game not load

andredavi 3 years ago • updated by The.Presence 3 years ago 17

evry time i open the game its load the half and crash

pls help me i do evry ting you tell me


What Pc using? Maybe you downloaded the wrong client. Like for example, you have Windows while you have Mac. Might want to redownload it for the right Pc just incase.


the game crashes every time when i start the module


i have same problem

no i have windows and redownload it like 10 times but evry time i start it its load to the half and evrytime stop and crash

i have windows 7

  • Me too guys. Same problem. Tanki davs pls help

me to I have windows 7 and its brand new. but it crashes

I'm playing TX in Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and the game runs well, no crashes so far. It took a very long time to start, but after loaded everything, TX will run smoothly. My PC isn't very good, here the specs:

- Intel Pentium G3420 3.20GHz


- NVIDIA GeForce GT630 4GB DDR3

Try upgrading to Windows 10, it better, or upgrade your PC specs. Good luck!

I too have windows 10 but i still have the same problem!
i cant even see the tank after the map loads.

ohh yeah!
finally it worked!
just love it!

i use a pc of my friend and its windows 10 and its still crash

Just be patient. Let it load smoothly. Once it loads, it won't lag. According to my experience. By the way I got some other problem. By the way, don't load the game just after update. Wait for a day and load again. Your speed might increase to a little extent

its not lagg its not even start and i will do what you say if it work i tell you


What system do you have ? 32-bit or 64-bit ? I know a guy who is facing the same problem with 32-bit system.

omg i have 32-bit system

Me too ! i have this Problem ! where is the fucking support

hey people,

i too am facing the problem. when i open the game and when it stars loading it crashes, after that they will tell to send it to the game developers.

Pls do something

I am facing the same damn problem. Help me!