Smoky "Fumes" Ammo Glitch

Nestesium 2 years ago updated by SHOAIB 2 years ago 6

So sometimes I enter a battle and whenever i fire my smoky, the muzzle flash is that of a normal smoky and not the "Fumes" one. I re-enter battle and it still happens but when i enter another battle it doesn't happen anymore. Any idea whats wrong?

Do you have any screenshots/videos to show the comparison?

turns out this only happens in Silence and area 15

Here are some pics

Normal (How it should be):

Silence/Area 159:

hmm, mine works fine on all maps. Is it a certain spot or everywhere?

Everywhere on Silence and moon silence


Can you provide a short video of equipping the Fumes ammo and then showing that it's not working in the mentioned map(s).