goldbox 3 years ago 0

I enjoyed playing tanki X and am continuing to do so. I found the game to be thoroughly interesting in terms of the dynamics and quality of the overall resolution. However, just a few points of feedback: the 'characteristics' section in the garage isn't complete i.e. the word ends as 'characteristi' I believe, I do find although I am playing the game in low quality it is very hard to deal with lag which could perhaps be a problem thus for users going from the flash version of tanki online to tanki X, to add another point; perhaps the tank size could be decreased in terms of the setting that tanks are in/landscape it seems as thought most of the area is taken up by the tank hence it is quite hard to simply apprecaite the graphics as well whilst playing and finally as it is an early testing it would be helpful if 'testers' are given some commands they can use for e.g adding crystals when they run out in the garage. Nevertheless, for an early testing tanki X looks to be a success and I am thoroughly enjoying the way the game is heading thus far.