ArtyKarty 2 years ago • updated by Gpo2001 2 years ago 1

i think need add a new modules becouse we played with what we have and need add more modules for more tactics and strategis and this my ideas:

1.area heal moduel:when you acitve him,all in the area get heal how many and what the are you need think.

2.cooldown moduel:its are pasive modeul,he gives you 30% cooldown redaction,its good for fat tanks and for flagers.

3.slow trap moduel:tank waht have this moduel can place not up a 3 traps what slow the tanks who ride next to him,this moduel can help in def,enemies can destroy him.

4.reload speed moduel:this moduel can help to realod faster,he can help to shaft,railgun,thunder and more guns its a pasive moduel to.

I can say there will be new modules, just unknown how long til the next batch.