I can't resize my window while playing!

julbee 3 years ago • updated by atharvakale343 3 years ago 5

I notice that the smaller my screen, less lag. So I decided for a low resolution. Problem is I can't resize the window to click the buttons that don't fit the window. Is it possible to resize it while playing tanki x?

No, just you need to choose a higher resolution. I'm sure they will allow those buttons to show up soon though

No I ment resizing durring playing tanki x not before tanki x. Plus higher resolution makes it laggy. Even with low grapics

No, you can not resize while playing. You have to select a higher resolution before launching the game

Higher the resolution the more lagg!

Changing the window size during the game is not possible. You have to choose the window size before entering the game. This is a technical limitation and changing it ingame will cause it to crash.