Hack or glitch?

beaku 3 years ago • updated by SHOAIB (Moderator (EN)) 2 years ago 7




I think it 's Sandstone in the picture?

If so, than it 's completely legal because for the time being you can

drive around (even shoot, also in the arena) in the danger zone of Sandbox

without being destructed.

Just try to get over one of those low black and white striped barriers.

(use the grey angled blocks next to them to get your hull up and over them)

Ah.. I see. I thought that they would be self destruct zones like in TO.

Yes, there are, but on TX Sandbox it is temporarily


Better don't try the other TX Maps self-destruct zones...))

I found this glitch, like when I press "Tab" to see the statics, the statics appear with the kills deaths and other stuff, okay that's very nice, but when I release Tab it's supposed to disappear, right? But instead it doesn't it stays there so I have to leave the battle and come back please fix this!

Have the same bug. Very annoying especially with many players.

Half of your field of view gets blocked...


This is already been reported and is currently being fixed.