Mine:"Vampire Trap".

Katerzis 2 years ago 0

Mine, which can throw, but it did not explodes instantly.Mine trap is activated after a few seconds after the throw, and not explode ...! No, it's too borring.It begins to stole from the tanks their health, and if the tank is not in time departed from this mine, it completely stole tank health, while it destroys, and mine ... collect destroyed and takes away hp from enemies.

You put a mine, it takes away from HP opponents, you come to the place where you put the mine and collect all the xp, which she devoured.

This will not make Tank undestroyable, that is, he will need to come to the place to take all that HP, and this is problematic. Of course, you can always stand beside th mine, but it will be meaningless, you need to choose a suitable place to put the mine.